Monday, April 11, 2011

Round Two: BEGIN!

I have begun the second round of my weight loss, finally! Well, I started on Friday with my two load days, and I feel like I might not have taken the greatest advantage of them, due to the party and family being in town, but I still ate like a pig! Yesterday was my first day of the Very Low Calorie Diet and I already feel like this first week will be harder than the first week from round one. I want to eat/nibble on bad foods so much. I have resisted as of thus far and I believe that I can go with out cheating, but man, this next four weeks will be darn tough!  I want to lose at least 25  more lbs, bringing me down to about 167, and a grand total of about 55lbs lost.

At the end of round one's drop days I was down to 188.8 and for five weeks I maintained it pretty good, starting the load days of round two at 191 and VLCD day one started at 192.2. I will of course be posting weekly on this!

Here are my before pictures. As always, I have heard all the bad things you can say, so you don't have to say a damn thing negative.


julia said...

You can do it girl!! You already look beautiful but just think of all those beach pictures!!!

Joshua Chadwick Klesel said...

here we go. Just think when you finish this round, whatever weight you will be at it will be pretty cool to see what you look and feel like at that weight. Remember when you lost the first rounds weight how happy you were at how you were fitting into smaller clothes, and didn't have to shop at larger sized stores anymore. This round is just getting you closer to your goal. So push it, "You gotta push it" haha. I love you and you look great, and are doing awsome.

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