Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cake and Cake Pops!

I have made quite a few cakes recently. For practice and for parties.

Butterflies with chocolate wings.

 Undersea cake. Chocolate coral and some shells.

 Birthday cake for a friend.

 Birthday cake for Emma.

I also have attempted Cake Pops too. They are bite sized cake balls (cake and frosting mixed together) on a stick, covered in candy and chocolate. Super cute and sweet. I got a book that gave me the idea to try them.

And yes I got it on my Kindle!!! How sweet is that? I just have to be careful not to mess my kindle up as I reference it over and over, lol.

Calum's sweet girlfriend was over and so I enlisted her help too. We were going to try the cupcake pops (top middle on cover) but it didn't turn out so well. I was supposed to use a pre-made frosting and I only had cream cheese style and I thought it'd be no problem. Well, let's just say, next time, I'll get regular frosting. The cream cheese frosting made it way to moist...... I couldn't get the cake balls out of the mold for the cupcake pops.... Abby and I decided to heck with it, we'll just make out own! And we did.

You may notice the potatoes... Just a side note. When you make cake pops, you need a Styrofoam block to stand them up to dry. As I didn't have any, I opted for potatoes. They worked for my needs, but Styrofoam is on my to but list for sure. I can't wait to make some that work right, but I thought they turned out alright and we had fun making them, even though Calum was upset Abby wasn't spending time with him.  :D


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