Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strawberry Tiers

Have you been to Walmart recently? Their strawberries are HUGE!

I made a strawberry tiered cake and carved roses out of fresh strawberries to "bloom" on the cake. It looks ok, but the strawberries are actually to big! They were the smallest ones I could find! The cake still looks delicious!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter Prep!

Not a whole lot to say today, but I want to share what I made this evening. Easter is a big deal with my DH family, well all holidays are (Yay!) and it the closest Holiday since I started doing my cake stuff, so I am hoping to make a really awesome Easter cake and cupcakes.

I saw some cute Easter cake decorations at Hobby Lobby the other day, but I though it was a little pricey and that I could make them for less or I could make twice as many for the same cost, so I made some Royal Icing and got some jelly beans and made my own little egg baskets/nests!

Here is what the Wilton pre-made ones look like:

I think I did pretty good for my first try!

I can't wait to share my Easter cake with people, I have a few ideas I'm playing around with!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Guitar!

I have made my very first "shaped" cake! I think I did pretty darn good considering I have no instruction other than me and the paper that had the template. :D 

I decided to not try the strings yet; or to add a strap, but maybe next time!

The fingerboard I messed up some, because the frets were a little crooked, I rushed them. And adding a glitter to it was not the look I wanted, but I wanted to try the glitter and see. That's what practice cakes are all about right????

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baking Away and still Maintaining!

 Alright, first things first!

I'm two weeks into the 1st three weeks of maintenance and I am still maintaining my weight! I ended my drops at 188.8 and right now am at 190.4. I know that I went up because I refuse to count my calories. I know people say too, but I am not. I don't want to be stuck calorie counting forever (like the red book says people should). I want to eat food, and just know what to have and what not to have. I have had to do a steak day once and that is because I was baking a cake and making a homemade marshmallow fondant and buttercream icing that I tasted a little to much. Haha. It was good though.

I ordered and got in my drops for rounds two and three.

I bought them in advance because of all this BS going on with the FDA and the companies that make the drops discontinuing them...... grrrr.

I will be done with round two (completely) a week before my family vacation to the coast for the 4th of July and I can't wait to take our family pictures and buy my bikini...... I hopefully will be down to 170 by then, and I can't wait.   :D

And I have been so busy baking cake and more cake. I really enjoy it and I am trying to self teach myself everything. I made a Baking Wish List and it is already multiple pages long! Family and I are thinking that, if I can get good enough, I should do a family/friends/referral hobby business! I have to say that idea is very appealing to me (and I would still be going to school for Nursing). I just have no idea what I would call my business. What do you think?? And would you order from me??

Practicing flowers: Roses

Calla Lillies

My 4th Fondant Cake.
Next time I will not be using a food color marker, it stinks and ruined the cake.

But I love the punk pink and black daisies!

Making cakes with my cousin-in-law Emma.

Gluing the strips of fondant for the bow.

Cutting out the flowers.

Final cake: Emma's (with help-cake #4.5)

Final fondant cake #5

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1st Fondant Cake

I got a few things the other day to start my trip down the baking lane. Tonight, although I have a test to study for, I couldn't help but bust out my new things and see what I could do.  I want to take a class or two and really learn how to decorate cakes, and make them look professional. But until I can really afford them, I am going to play around on my own and watch videos on youtube. Tonight I finished my first attempt.

I made a White Chocolate Cake (a white cake and white chocolate pudding) and a homemade butter cream frosting. The fondant I used was a premade white that I broke up and colored into the pink and blue. I also had gotten some gum paste that I colored and attempted the flowers. They aren't very good, but I will get better.

My brother-in-law is going to give the cake to his girlfriend Abby, she is my taster. :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baking Spree

Today I felt like baking. A lot. I wanted to work on mini cakes and cupcakes so I can whip 'em out for Chirstopher's party. I wanna make him a personal cake and then cupcakes too. Load everyone up on sweets, ahaha.

Anywho... I got all my materials out and ready to go but had a hard time deciding where to start. I did not want to use the special, vivid food coloring that I have fir the Spiderman Cake, as I had already used some for the practice cake; so I decided to just make cakes and cupcakes and practice with my decorating tips, and use the other food coloring I had. I used a total of two cake mixes (although in the future I want to make my batter from scratch).

With the batter, I made a total of 12 regular size cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes, 5 mini (6in) cakes, and one 8in round cake.

The decorating was a daunting task, haha. I had gotten a little bit of Fondant to play around with (I've never used it before) so I iced and froze three mini cakes ( a single and double) so I could place the fondant on the cake better.

While they were in the freezer I got my icing colored and bagged, ready for my cakes. I decided to do a spring theme, lots of flowers, the easiest things to make with the tips I have. I am still just a beginner, for now...

Cupcakes with mini chocolate chips

Many mini cupcakes to make a flower and mini flowers too!

The big round and last two little round cakes I put together and just make a flower bouquet.

I tried to make a little web, and it is ok, but not that great.

After I made all that stuff, I pulled out the frozen mini cakes and tried my hand at fondant. It turned out ok, but I have a lot to learn about how to decorate with it.

All my creations at the end, minus a few cupcakes that my brother-in-law ate.


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