Monday, March 7, 2011

Baking Spree

Today I felt like baking. A lot. I wanted to work on mini cakes and cupcakes so I can whip 'em out for Chirstopher's party. I wanna make him a personal cake and then cupcakes too. Load everyone up on sweets, ahaha.

Anywho... I got all my materials out and ready to go but had a hard time deciding where to start. I did not want to use the special, vivid food coloring that I have fir the Spiderman Cake, as I had already used some for the practice cake; so I decided to just make cakes and cupcakes and practice with my decorating tips, and use the other food coloring I had. I used a total of two cake mixes (although in the future I want to make my batter from scratch).

With the batter, I made a total of 12 regular size cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes, 5 mini (6in) cakes, and one 8in round cake.

The decorating was a daunting task, haha. I had gotten a little bit of Fondant to play around with (I've never used it before) so I iced and froze three mini cakes ( a single and double) so I could place the fondant on the cake better.

While they were in the freezer I got my icing colored and bagged, ready for my cakes. I decided to do a spring theme, lots of flowers, the easiest things to make with the tips I have. I am still just a beginner, for now...

Cupcakes with mini chocolate chips

Many mini cupcakes to make a flower and mini flowers too!

The big round and last two little round cakes I put together and just make a flower bouquet.

I tried to make a little web, and it is ok, but not that great.

After I made all that stuff, I pulled out the frozen mini cakes and tried my hand at fondant. It turned out ok, but I have a lot to learn about how to decorate with it.

All my creations at the end, minus a few cupcakes that my brother-in-law ate.


julia said...

I think you have found your gift. Simply wonderful. and they look yummy too.

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