Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Clothes for Me!

It is a rare day when the following two things happen. 1.) I get to go shopping for me and me only. and 2.) I WANT to go shopping for me.

I used to only buy clothes out of need, and only did the grab and go. I never liked looking at myself in clothes or having to pass every store up because they didn't even have my size. Now I still have more to lose (of course) but I already feel way better and went out with a friend today and went SHOPPING.

If felt so good to be able to just grab things of the rack and be able to try them on. To not have to go to the 'plus size' corner and instead stay in the open area to find clothes. I even got a new bra!

The pictures are blurry, but oh well!

With the mix and match ability I got a total of three outfits! Pretty nice if I say so myself!

today was the first day of my Stabilization Phase and I am enjoying it for sure. I am supposed to maintain the weight of 188.8 and when I weighed in this morning I was down to 187 so I ate two eggs and two slices of turkey bacon. It was scary but good. And totally filled me up.

About half way through the shopping we stopped at Souper Salad and I made my own starch and sugar free salad:

It was sooooooooooo good.

I just feel so good and energized. This diet has changed my life.


julia said...

You look so good, I love the new clothes. Heels really ,,, way to go girl!! I know you feel amazeing. I too want to go shopping after this first round. Cant wait to eat a salad like that. Love you and keep it up, you looks so beautiful.

Joshua Chadwick Klesel said...

I really am happy for you babe. This diet has energized your world, and I'm really happy for you. You have really gotten a new drive that I've never seen before in you. I don't think its all the diets doing though, but none the less you look great, and I love seeing you glow with happiness. Great job.

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