Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are You Ready For This?

The final week of the HCG Drops are D-O-N-E. Yesterday was my last day on the drops and so this morning is the final weight, the number that I want to maintain, with in 2.1 +/- pounds. 188.8lbs. A grand total loss of 27.4lbs (2.4 for the week).

I am a little bummed that I didn't make it to 30lbs, but I ran out of drops (for one) and I started my period. Being on my period really slowed me down a lot. I didn't lose for three whole days because of it. That really upset me being so close to the end, and I really didn't expect it, my birth control causes me to have little to no period, but they say that overweight people have irregular periods, and so maybe the weight loss is setting my body right.

Either way, being only 2.6lbs away from my goal is still pretty close! I am satisfied with my results and am ready for the maintenance phase of my diet. This is really the true test, because I am giving only the following rules; NO sugars and NO starches. But I can eat when I want and I HAVE to eat more then 500 calories. the average is 1500-2000 calories a day (to maintain the weight??? Wow.) I will probably have to build up to that much, and I know that find foods with no sugars is almost impossible, but I am looking forward to a lot of steak and chicken salads with olives, avocado, ranch, cheese, tomato, and onion. MAYBE some sunflower seeds and bacon too. Sounds so yummy right??? My first meal is going to be at Souper Salad and I am stoked.

Well, here are my final measurements, and I am only posting the areas where I lost:

Upper Chest: Lost 0.5 inches.
Waist: Lost 0.5 inches.
Right Thigh: 0.5 inches.
Right Knee: 0.5 inches.
Left Knee: 0.5inches.
Lower Roll: 1 inch.

Total for the final week: 4 inches.
Grand total  for Round One: 42 (FORTY TWO) INCHES.
That is crazy!

I have gone down from a size 18/20 to a 14/16 in pants/dresses.
I have gone down from an XXL to a L (sometimes XL, depending on brand) in tops.

I feel better, I have way more energy and have to drag my Husband out and about with me. I can bend over to put my shoes on, no more leaning on a wall or sitting down and doing it sideways.

I will do my six weeks Phase Three and start Round Two right away, April 12th and if I do that round for thirty days then I'll hopefully be done another 30 by May 12th, that will bring me down to 158.8lbs! After my maintenance of round two I will have 6 days before our family vacation to the coast! I will have a bikini body (to me at least)! I am really excited about that. I want to try to get to 140 so I will probably do a third short round, OR try it the old fashion way, I haven't chosen, its to far away and seemingly unbelievable.

Here are my pictures from Day ONE and Today!

 And Today, while I was at the park. I see a HUGE difference in my face!!

Here is an old one:

My double chin has gotten way smaller!!!!


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