Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sneek Peek: Practice Cake!

I am getting ready for Christopher's Birthday Party! I know its still a little early but I love planning things and getting ready for anything that has to do with my son!

Happy butt!

Well, I had a hard time trying to decide if I wanted to a single theme or a mash up of all his favorite things. I decided to go with a single theme of Spiderman, because its easier to find and less hassle for me to get just one theme items.

I looked at cakes at Walmart and they had some pretty nice Spiderman cakes, but they were a little to pricey for me if I wanted to get a pinata (I do!) and so I thought about making my own cake, just a square cake with some basic decorations. I went to Michaels to get some cake stuff and found a Spiderman cake pan! I snatched it up and got the stuff to make it as good as I could. I think it turned out ok, for my first try, and I know it will be better the next time! I am very excited about it and have to share the process, I hope you like it!

The tools.
 In the oven.
 Still in the took a long time.
 I overfilled the cake pan so it split and was a little burned, but I cut that part off.
 Out of the pan, before the frosting.
 Black and white parts done.
 Red parts done.
 Blue parts done.
 Finished with the trim.
 I made one good cake, next time the spider on the chest and black by the eyes will be better.


julia said...

OMG!! That cake is awesome! You really did a great job, it looks like you bought it from HEB. What did the little man say about it? How in the world did you iceing it with out licking your fingers?lol

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