Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Week Come and Gone

This morning was Day 22 and I am down to 191.2 lbs (as of this morning). That is a grand total of 25 lbs lost. I am only 5lbs away from my goal for the first round. I could make tomorrow my last drop day (the min 23 days) but why would I quit when I am so close to my 30lb goal? Even though the idea of an avocado and some cheese are trying to melt a hole in my resolution. I have only about another week at the most! Then I will be doing the 6 week maintenance phase, and I am very excited for it, I can also start doing tone up exercises and stuff. I really want to work on my stomach. I have never had a flat tummy, but after the baby, I have a LOWER ROLL. Talk about not appealing. It has defiantly lost lots of fat, but has no tightness to it. I know that toning up will put some weight back on, and I am only going to do it very lightly, I am going to be trying to reset my weight to the current, so that means no gain and no loss for the whole of phase three. After that I am probably going to immediately jump into round two because I want to lose another 30lbs before July! That is the month my DH and I will be taking our yearly (as sad as that is) trip down to Port O'Conner to spend time with My in-laws and on the beach and the Boat. I want to be able to buy a bikini, an actual bikini, not a tankini. :D That is the ultimate goal. If I lose 30 now and 30 in round two that will put me 16.2lbs away from my goal of 140lbs, but I plan on trying to get that off the old fashioned way, working out three times a week and not dieting, but continuing to eat the way I am learning how to eat. That will help me lose the last 16 and tone my body so I have some nicely formed muscles.

I have lost a total of 8 inches this week, with my stomach being the big winner of a loss of 1.5in ( a total of 6.5inches!) The grand total of inches lost from day one to now is 30!!!!I can't believe how well this worked. I was so afraid that I would be one of those girls that nothing ever works for and that I would be like I am forever and just get worse as I get older. But that isn't going to happen now! I am going to be fabulous!

Here are my current before and after pictures. Don't mind the blurriness (from my phone) and me retarded faces. I don't know what my husband was saying to me to make me look like that. :D

I would like to point out that that shirt didn't even fit me when I bought it and the pants are Old Nave size 16 (that's about a 14/15 everywhere else) that I bought and could on;y wear for a week, FOUR years ago.

I look forward to the next post, sharing my final results for Round One with you!


julia said...

Wow!! You look good. I know it hasnt been easy but what a great job. I love your positive attude and determenation. You have been a great insperation for me to get off the sofa and give it a try. No matter what size we are in July, we will still be the hottist girls in our little family. lol.... i know we are the only girls in our little family. lol

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