Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cutting it Short.

My original plan was to do the HCG phase two for the max of 40 days. But as I come upon the 23 day mark (in a few days) I have decided that I am not going to go the full 40 days. for two reasons:

1. My bottle of drops is more than half empty, so I know it won't last to 40 days.
2. The VLCD is hard, and I am having trouble even eating now, witch makes me not feel good (espcially on the days I work). I don't like that I am feeling the urge to cheat more and more because I have zero interest in the food I am allowed.

I am going to stick it out the 23 min they requier and TRY to see if I can fininsh out my drops, or go 30 days (whatever comes 1st). I didn't lose anything yesterday and it bummed me out, but I was 5lbs ahead of schedule (I set it up as if I'd loss a pound a day). If I can still lose about 10 more lbs I'll be in the gold, but if not, I am totally happy with how much I have lost as of today! I will still do a second round and try to lose another 30 or so pounds, and that will take me down to 150-ish. Wow. Then I plan on going to it the old fashion way, working out, to lose another 5-10 pounds and shape myself up nice! And with my time line that could happen in July!!!! Double wow. I have already gon efrom size 18/20 down to a 15/16, and thats a little big with no belt, but the 14 is still a little to tight to keep on all day, but just a tiny bit! If I can go down to a 14 by the end of this round, whats to day I won't be a 8/10 by the end of ALL this!?!?!? I was that size when I was in 8th grade!!!

This diet is amazing to me, no matter how hard and how uninterested in the food I get!


julia said...

Im am sooo proud of you!! Its is a very hard diet but it is working and thats what counts. I cant wait to see you. Love ya

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