Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And So It Begins

I have gotten all the stuff I need to start my HCG Diet. So instead of starting on the 7th, like I thought I'd have to wait til, I am starting today! Yes, it begins today. I am nervous like I am about to take a test that I didn't study for. But I am so excited. I am ready to lose weight, to buy clothes that fit and don't cost two dollars more because they are plus size. I want to be able to go to a store at the mall that isn't called Torrid and buy something I can fit into. I want to wear a bathing suit that is more than one piece. I AM READY!

So let's begin! I am not going to hide anything, I am being very upfront and frank about me and my body and weight. I know what people say, and I have heard all of it. I am not here to hear anymore. I am doing something about it and I am sharing it with you. Maybe you are in the same boat as me and you don't know what to do or where to start. Well, I am going to be a human HCG guinea pig. And I will be sure to share everything I know and everything that happens, so you can be fully informed (by me, a normal, everyday person).

This is me.

I weigh 216.2 lbs as of today (Feb 1st, 2011). My ideal weight for my height (5'3") is 137 lbs. that is a difference of 79.2 lbs. I currently have a BMI of 39 and at 137 I would have a BMI of 25. I am considered in the level two obese category.

I measure at these lengths (in inches):
Neck: 15
Right Arm: 15
Left Arm: 15.5
Upper Chest: 42
Chest: 46.5
Midriff: 38.5
Waist: 42
Hips: 48.5
Right Thigh: 29
Right Knee: 20.5
Right Calf: 17.5
Left Thigh: 30
Left Knee: 21
Left Calf: 17.5

I wear a size 18/20 in pants and XXL is tops. My goal is to be about 150 lbs and a size 8/10 in pants and a M in tops.

Here are my before pictures:

To reach my goal I will need two rounds of the HCG protocol. At the end of Round One I should be at close to 186 lbs and at the end of Round Two close to 155 lbs. That is with a loss if 30 lbs per round. If it works, I may continue to obtain the ideal weight of 137 lbs, but that weight seems very unbelievable to me, I don't know how I would feel being so skinny. :D

To begin this diet I have the following materials:

HCG Drops

I am using Homeopathic Drops. They are not FDA approved (in the sense of being a dietary supplement), but the method that it was made follows FDA homeopathic regulations. Many people use this to the same results as injections, but do not need a Dr. prescription and it is much less expensive.

I also have three books as a guide and recipe books. I have the following:

All of these books are available online to order. :D

Today I start the drops and perform two days of gorging: eating as much fatty food as I can. This is important to make the 1st week more comfortable when I start the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). On the 3rd day of the drops I start the VLCD and I plan on continuing that for the max allowed days, 40 (on HCG drops) before starting the stabilization and maintenance phase. I will blog at least once a week with pictures and measurements. And I will weigh myself everyday. I am keeping a detailed food journal, and have the support of my husband while doing this, he knows not to temp, tease, or criticize me. :D

The timeline is as follows:

Round One

Feb 1: Start HCG and laod days
Feb 3: Start VLCD
March 12: Last day HCG Drops
March 15: Last day of VLCD
March 16: Start Stabilization phase (phase 3 part 1)
April 5: Last day Stabilization phase
April 6: Start Maintenance Phase (phase three part two0
April 26: Last day Maintenance  (Round one END!)
Round Two
April 27: Start HCG drops
April 29: Start VLCD
June 7: HCG Last Day
June 10: VLCD Last Day
June 11: Stabilization Start
July 1: Stabilization last day
July 2: Maintenance start
July 22: Maintenance end. (Round Two End!)

I went to the store today to get food for the VLCD phase, so that I am ready. I pre-portioned some chicken and shrimp so that I can make my food a lot easier. Tomorrow I will probably get a few more things and pre-make what I can, so I can just heat and eat throughout the week.

Here are some pictures of my portioning:

The groceries
 Kitchen scale, 100 grams of protein
 One portion of shrimp
 Bragg items to make vinaigrette's
 One portion of chicken
 Not very big!
 Even boneless/skinless needs fat trimmed still

Well, I am ready for this, and I am excited to begin this journey, and I will do everything I can to stick to this as tight as I can. I even bought oil and sugar free toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and gloves for when I have to handle oily and fatty things, to offset any weight stalling by absorbing fat and oil.


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