Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diets and School

I have been extremely busy this last few weeks. Work, school, and being a Mother and Wife take so much time, that when I do have a few seconds, I like to do nothing. Haha. So this is my blog mash-up.

As far as dieting go, I could not stick to the protocol as well as the first round, so instead of wasting my drops, because that's what I was doing, I stopped the VLCD for a few more weeks until I can 'feel' the diet too. I am still planning on being down in the 160's by our family vacation to Port O'Connor over the 4th of July. I am so excited about it! I will be restarting the Round Two in a few days with renewed vigor and determination. Everybody hits a wall and I hit mine, but will overcome it without question, I am sure of it.

School is crazy right now. My financial aid is not coming through right now, and registration IS right now, so I am struggling trying to set up payment plans and pay deposits so I can at least take the classes. I hope the financial aid comes through soon tough, Josh and I have so many bills already that the only way to take all these classes is with financial aid! That's why we signed up for it!


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