Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Actually Want to Diet.

I am still in Phase Three of my first round of HCG, and I have to admit; I thought that I would see the six week break between rounds go by to fast for me and that I would dread going into Round Two's VLCD. This has turned out to be false. I can't wait to start Round Two. I can't wait to start losing weight again. I've maintained for long enough and I don't want to be the same weight everyday anymore, unless it's my goal weight.  My son turns two in a few days and I have his party planned for the weekend of the ninth so I am doing my Load Days on the same weekend. :D It's about five days before the end of the six weeks but I can't wait any longer!

I bought a new pair of jeans today. Size 14! I haven't bought 14s since I was a teenager! They are snug, but I can button them. I want to fit in the perfectly, or for them to be to big when I am done with round two!
I haven't measured myself lately, but I feel like I have lost a few more inches, even though I am consistently floating a few pounds above my last drop day weight.


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