Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Party Time

Well, I have a arm and leg full of pictures from the whole weekend. My family came into town, and I got to see and meet my niece and nephew too! Christopher really liked his cousins and ha d a lot of fun. I wish they could come up more often, or that we could go down to Albuquerque to visit. Then I could see all my other family too. I miss them and want Christopher to see them so bad. Someday, I know I will be able to go down to visit.

I have a ton of pictures, from the whole week of his birthday. Here are the best ones.

Thumbs up from my Two Year Old
Coloring together. 
Park time. 
 Zak loved the camera.
 Christopher can climb anything!
 The wind was against me on Saturday.

 Opening presents!
 With Grandpa, although he wanted to walk, not take pictures.
 I love the color coordination.
 Running and chasing!

I can hardly believe that I have a two year old! Josh and I have had so much fun with him, and have occasionally talked about when we want to try for a second one. Well, no promises or guarantees, but MAYBE, if we are in a good position on a whole with home, work, ect. we will begin truly thinking about it around September, although honestly, I was ready for a year now. Gotta be on the same page though. Haha.


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