Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Goodness, What a Tough Week

I knew Round Two would be harder, but I didn't foresee how much harder. I feel like I'm committed, but my body in automatically against me and doing what it can to NOT follow protocol. I really REALLY can not wait to be done with this round. Today was a hard day for me. I cheated, and I didn't even do it on purpose! I didn't realize what I was doing until I already swallowed. I made Christopher some mac'n'cheese for dinner and when I was done cooking it, I just took a huge ol' bite to taste it and temp it, something I used to do automatically. So I know I will be gaining or losing nothing, which bites, because today I only lost 0.2lbs, and was hoping for more tomorrow..... Boo. 

But I still HAVE lost weight. I
If I hadn't I'd be ranting about it, haha. Although I am not losing as much or as fast with this round as round one, I am still losing, thank goodness. When I weight myself this morning the grand total so far for Round Two was 8lbs even. Down to 184.4; Just 17 away from my 25lb goal for this round. I just really REALLY want to be UNDER 170 when I finish this round. Even if it's 169.8lbs. haha. But really 167, so if I gain my anticipated 2lbs during maintenance, I am still under 170. :D That's about where I was four and a half years ago, when I met my husband for the first time, I remember, although I knew I could lose a few more lbs, I felt great about myself and the clothes I wore.

I will probably be doing an "Apple Day" tomorrow. I just have to go to the store to buy some apples. Lets re-kick this round off in week two and lose another eight!!!! WooHoo!

Here are my weekly pictures, you know the rules!

And this girl is from the VERY beginning, Day one, Round One....31-ish pounds ago....


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