Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

Ah Easter. Confetti Eggs and Crawdads. That is what I think of when the word Easter is around. And this year did not disappoint!

The treats I made.

 Easter cake. They look like they are huddled around a fire. Haha.
 Batman kite!
 Spiderman egg!
 Emma looking so cute.
 My family April 24, 2011
 Christopher and Popo.
Horse swing, how cool is that? 
 Calum is...kissing?... a crawdad.
 Abby wants to pretend to kiss it, but is grossed out too, haha.
 Running in the sprinklers!

 Ohhh, a 'bug!'

 Rincing them off before killing steaming them. Haha.

 It's a crowd, and Josh is in the prime location.

 Batch number two!

 That is what I call a pile of shells....

Happy Easter!


julia said...

We sure did have a great time.

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