Friday, June 17, 2011

Baseball Pool

Summer has decided to start ahead of schedule here in Austin this year, and boy, I was NOT ready for it. :D I wanted a few more 70 and 80 degree days before it went full blown triple digits, but I guess the heat wasn't on the same page as me.

So pool time has hit full blown and I love it! A few weekends ago we took our little family and Josh's Aunt Anna and her son Nicholas to a Round Rock Express game (vs. Alb. Isotopes!). Christopher LOVED it, he was all about "Hit that Ball!" and didn't want to leave, even though all of us were wet with sweat. When we did leave, Anna invited us to her place to swim and have some pizza. Perfect way to cool down after the game, esp because we didn't have A/C in our car (UGH).

 Momma got a Margarita!

 Momma loves her kisses!

It was super fun, but I think I am going to retire that swimsuit. I just couldn't seem to keep in it. O_o


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