Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a Halloween!

I love when the holiday season starts.
I love to decorate (even with the modest decorations I have).
I love to make holiday meals (and I am trying to choose what I am going to make).

Halloween is the very beginning of all of it, and I am so excited we have started (again!!!).

This year Christopher's costume had to come from a resale shop because we're trying to have a cost effective holiday season this year (don't we every year?).

We started two weeks before Halloween getting ready for the fall!
I have a few decorations and they are the ones that I can leave out for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.
And we carved our pumpkins a little early because we didn't trick or treat at our house, we went to my Mom's.
We all had so much fun, and Christopher especially loved getting candy!

Fall Decorations!

When we first bought the costume!
Look at the little Dragon!

Time to carve the pumpkins! I had him in his "farmers overalls" for the occasion.

He is not helping me empty pumpkin guts, but getting the tootsie roll I put in there. He didn't want to put his hand in the pumpkin at all.

Vampire teeth!

A few days before Halloween, still wants the costume!

My Mom was a scary spider victim.

I went as a 80's...something. Bahaha.

My Mom's Graveyard cake.

Finally; Trick or Treating!

"Look Candy!"

Checkin' out the spoils of the night!


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