Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twenty Four

Today is my birthday, I turned 24.

In the twenty fourth year of my life I did these things:

Re-enrolled in college, and haven't gone a semester with out a class.
I caught my very first costal fish.
I began this blog.
I began my food blog (The Tiny Kitchen That Could).
I stayed at the same job the entire year, but worked 4 different postions before settling in the one I am.
I celebrated 2 years of marriage (and in four days will celebrate three years!)
I celebrated my husband's 26th and my son's 2nd birthdays.

I cut my sons hair.

I have let it grow out again.
(That is from Halloween.)

My 24th year hasn't seemed like a big year, but each year has it's own special memories.

I look forward to a wonderful 25th year and a lot more memories!


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