Monday, January 3, 2011

Random Facts About Me

[1.] My son is the most important person in my life.

[2.] I love camping, but haven't gone is years.

[3.] The Oakland Raiders ARE my favorite Football team.

[4.] I can read a two hundred page book in two hours or less.

[5.] Yes, I DO have a dirty mind.

[6.] I plug my nose when I go under water.

[7.] My favorite colors are Grey and Forest Green.

[8.] I don't eat anything purple/grape flavored.

[9.] I laugh really loud, get used to it.

[10.] The Triceratops is my favorite Dinosaur.

[11.] Pepsi beats Coke, but Dr. Pepper beats them all.

[12.] Life isn't good until you've laughed so hard you've peed your pants.

[13.] I want to teach High School English or History.

[14.] I like my steaks medium-rare.
[15.] I'm loud and obnoxious.

[16.] I Love Harry Potter

[17.] I love Jim Carrey.

[18.] I love to write, and have a poetry portfolio, but it has been a while since I have been able to add anything to it.

[19.] I hate the way my name is spelled, but I love my name.

[20.] Basically, I'm a hoot.


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