Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soap and Reindeer

As I am posting gifts that I am giving my family, I can only hope that they might actually NOT read this right away. :D But I just loved how these turned out!

It has been a DIY season this year, I am trying to not spend money that I don't have and this is totally awesome.

Now don't mind the dirty table behind him. He was the first one I did and I also have a list of things to do that are very long, so I'm a little messy right now.

How did I do this you ask? I'll show you!

First I made soap. But you don't need to make your own to do this, you just need a bar of soap. I mean, I guess you could do this around anything soap shaped too.

But let's just say soap.

You will need the following:
Pipe Cleaners
Wiggle Eyes
Red Pom Poms
Jingle Bells
Cup Towels
Hot Glue Gun with Glue.

First you wrap up the soap, leaving out two sides to make the ears:
I had the top of my towel folded so I could make sure the layers over lapped on the top of the soap.

Next you I bunched up the sides, inserted the pipe cleaners, and tied a ribbon around it:
You could hot glue the pip cleaners, but I wanted to use as little glue as I could.

Now you get the hot glue out!
Add hot glue to the googly eyes and put them right where the towel begins to curve.
Then glue the red pom pom for it's nose.

The Pipe cleaners will become your antlers, so you need to bend them around to form them. I went with three prongs on each antler.

The last step is gluing up jingle bells. One for each pong and one in the middle. Be careful with the hot glue, the jingle bells are small and when you hold them, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will get some glue on your fingers, so work quickly.
Then you will have a cute little reindeer as the wrap for your awesome homemade soap (or whatever you decided to wrap).

I also recommend a little tag. Glue it between the ribbon and ear. Mine is just labels the sent of the soap, and I made out who its to on a sticker on and added that to the bottom of it.

Super Cute!
I hope you enjoy and try it out, they are fun and easy to make!


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